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Using an Agent to Purchase a Newly Built Home

Agents can be used to purchase a newly built home, and in fact, some builders pay agents to find prospective buyers. But you also can use a buyer’s agent to help negotiate the price and upgrades on a new home. An agent can be particularly valuable directing you to newly built developments that match your needs, as well as helping you select reputable builders who are financially sound and respond promptly to buyers’ concerns. Builders normally require an agent to be present on your first visit to the site. This is a sensible procedure that allows the agent to be paid a commission should you decide to buy. Otherwise, if you find a development on your own, make a first visit without the agent, and later make a purchase, the builder may refuse to pay the commission – even if an agent became involved in the process at some point.

I can help buyers when purchase new homes in the Bay Area.  Check to find your preferred area and homes. When you go on new homes website, if you want to register on line, and make sure that you put the buyer agent on it.

You need to do the following in order for me to obtain brokerage agreement from the builders:

1) Most of the builders require the buyer agent to accompany the buyers on the first visit.

2) If you happened to drive by a new homes and you want to check out the model homes in the last minute. We can arrange it as well, just let me know and I can call the new homes sales manager. Make sure that you put my name on the registration card on the first visit, and give them my business card.

3) For some new homes purchase, when there’s a new release, it’s by raffle/lottery. Make sure you put your email address on the registration card for them to inform you the raffle/lottery date. *builders are able to keep you in their database system.

4) Most builders require the potential buyers to ‘pre-qualify’ with preferred lender or in-house lender in order to buy the new homes.  Some of these preferred lenders will provide credit towards closing cost.  It’s very important that you talk to their loan agents about the loan finance.

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